Who ?


"Stella Spectacles" is a company founded in 2004 by Amélie Elbaz., dancer and choreographer, trained in Europe and the United States. Amélie is also a philosophy and yoga teacher. She has worked in several contemporary dance companies in Paris, Brussels and New York. Amélie was then approached to participate in a major project in Morocco, performed at the Menara Gardens.

Thus in 2003, hired as a soloist dancer, a dance training manager and a choreographer's assistant in this production, she temporarily moves to Marrakesh. When her contract ends, witnessing a lack of professional choreographic structure, she decides to start a dance company, leading her to gradually travel throughout Morocco and other countries. The company gathers a group of permanent dancers trained in Morocco and abroad, complemented by artists from diverse backgrounds (musicians, composers, actors, video artists, acrobats etc.) invited for specific needs.